Apprentice Classes for Spring 2017 are tentative until November 24, 2016

    What Does a Welder Do?

    A Welder is a key part in the construction industry where metals and alloys are joined together.  They work with Plumbers, Steamfitters-Pipefitters, Sprinklerfitters and HVACR Technicians. 

    Their work is diverse, including fields such as geothermal plants, manufacturing plants, nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical plants, semiconductor plants, solar pants, oil refineries, paper mills and breweries.

    A Welder is certified in all welding processes including SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW in pressure piping and structural pipe supports and brackets and can also receive certifications for orbital welding in biotech and semiconductor plants.

    A Welder will study drawings and job specifications to ensure the proper cutting and welding methods for the procedure, required for the job.

    A Welder has to work in many different environments and in all types of positions.